Corporate Governance

CEO, Co-Founder
President and CSO, Co-Founder
SVP, Strategy & External Affairs
Chief Medical Officer
Board of Directors
Chairman and CEO, Atea Pharmaceuticals
Founder, FMB Research
Co-Founder and CEO, Karyopharm Therapeutics
CFO and COO, Assembly Biosciences
CEO, Co-Founder Kezar Life Sciences
Chief Medical Officer, Obseva SA
President & CSO, Co-Founder Kezar Life Sciences
Investment Advisor, Morningside Technology Advisory LLC

Committee Composition

Audit Committee Compensation Committee Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Franklin M. Berger, CFA Audit Committee Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Graham Cooper Audit Committee Compensation Committee
Jason R. Dinges, Ph.D., J.D. Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Elizabeth Garner, MD, MPH Audit Committee
Michael Kauffman, M.D., Ph.D. Compensation Committee
Jean-Pierre Sommadossi, Ph.D. Compensation Committee Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
= Chairperson = Member = Financial Expert

Contact the Board

You can contact Kezar’s Board of Directors to provide comments, report concerns, or ask a question, at the following address:

Attention: Secretary
Kezar Life Sciences, Inc.
4000 Shoreline Court, Suite 300
South San Francisco, CA 94080
United States

You may submit your concern anonymously or confidentially by postal mail. You may also indicate whether you are a shareholder, customer, supplier or other interested party.

Communications are distributed to the Board, or to any individual director as appropriate, depending on the facts and circumstances outlined in the communication. In that regard, the Board requests that certain items that are unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the Board be excluded, such as:

  • Product complaints
  • Product inquiries
  • New product suggestions
  • Resumes and other forms of job inquiries
  • Surveys
  • Business solicitations or advertisements

In addition, material that is unduly hostile, threatening, illegal or similarly unsuitable will be excluded, with the provision that any communication that is filtered out must be made available to any non-management director upon request.